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Tour Planning for Independent Travellers and Tour Operators

Independent travellers to Southern England often ask me to help them plan their time and itinerary.  If you are with me for a guided trip all the detailed planning is included and you will receive your itinerary once you have booked and we have liaised to identify your interests and preferences.

I also offer a bespoke tour planning service for those days you want to explore independently. I can recommend visits to historic sites, scenic walks, inspiring locations, cultural experiences and hotels and restaurants to give you a holiday that meets your aspirations and makes best use of your time. I provide local advice about access, physical needs, route options and transport that can prove invaluable and stress-busting.

Itineraries range from a list of suggestions for visits to full-day timetables including a schedule of visits, visitor advice, restaurant bookings and alternative suggestions for inclement weather.  Contact me for a sample itinerary, to find out more and start your planning.

Tour Planning Prices


Guided days exploring England with me (full Itinerary and planning included)

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Outline visits itinerary with timings, prices, locations and location descriptions

£15 per day

Fully planned day with route planning, activity suggestions, access information and visits information

£30 per day

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