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The Wessex Heartlands

The birthplace of England
The Wessex Heartlands

Explore the heartlands of this ancient kingdom of Wessex by coach or car and on foot with a local Blue Badge Guide. England began in the Kingdom of Wessex where the Great Viking Army was finally defeated by Alfred the Great and his Saxon army. The rebuilding of Saxon authority and the unification of ancient kingdoms under the leadership of Wessex led to the establishment of England in the 10th century. However, this region has been at the centre of British culture for a lot longer. On this tour we will trace the footprints of history from 5000 years ago through the Roman and Norman invasions to medieval cities and the rural England of later centuries.

On this tour you could:
  • Enjoy a walking tour contrasting the peace and artistic achievement of Salisbury Cathedral and the provincial grandeur of its Close with the bustle of the medieval streets and markets of the city.

  • Visit Old Sarum to uncover stories of iron-age tribesmen and Norman knights in their hill-top fortress.

  • Visit Stonehenge for a guide tour to uncover the much older story of Britain’s greatest prehistoric stone circle.

  • Discover the open landscapes, prehistoric landmarks and a glorious major house and garden on Cranbourne Chase with your guide.

  • Enjoy locally sourced food and afternoon tea in an English Country Garden or local cookery retreat.

  • Other options: Visit Wilton House, home to the Earl of Pembroke; a Palladian style mansion with a world-class art collection or the great landscape gardens at Stourhead.

Booking Options

The Wessex Heartlands

The Wessex Heartlands




  • The services of a local expert Blue Badge Guide.

  • ​Time and local insight to design your ideal tour of the Wessex.

  • Local food and drink venues to suit your tastes.

  • ​Links to coach and car services or help with trains and public transport for travellers wishing to minimise their carbon footprint.

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