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Somerset Country towns

Somerset Country towns

This small market town has the sense of quiet country life sustained by the people and countryside around. Yet Somerton was once capital of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex, its position on a defendable hilltop witness to less stable times. Its name is intrinsically linked with the county of Somersetshire; the home of the Summer people. Nowadays the quiet of Broad Street and Cow Square tell of centuries of good farming on the Somerset soils and a thriving market economy. On this walking tour we explore the squares, alleyways and buildings of the town to uncover the stories of the people who made Somerton as we see it and those from times before written memory. On market days we finish our tour with an introduction to local produce and foodie treats.

On this tour you could:
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Somerset Country towns

Somerset Country towns


Day tour


  • Time and local insight to select the best sites and visits for your tour.

  • Local food and drink venues to suit your tastes.

  • Links to coach and car services or help with trains and public transport for travellers wishing to minimise their carbon footprint.

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