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Founding Connections - Windsor, Runnymede, Salisbury and Southampton

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Founding Connections - Windsor, Runnymede, Salisbury and Southampton

Trace the story of the key royal, constitutional and founding links between the United States and United Kingdom visiting some of the most iconic sites in southern England. Your qualified Blue Badge Guide will reveal, at each location you visit, fascinating details of how the foundations of the special relationship between the rulers and people of both nations were forged.

On this tour you could:
  • A full day tour led by your very own local Blue Badge Guide with private transport.

  • A guided / accompanied visit of Windsor Castle, a royal stronghold since the Norman Conquest and favourite home of our present Queen Elizabeth. King George III spent much time here during the American War of Independence and many Presidents have made state visits since. Walk through the spectacular State Rooms, explore the castle grounds and view the famous Round Tower.

  • Walk the aisle of St George’s Chapel, Windsor to stand amongst the stalls of the Order of the Garter, in the quire where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married in 2018.

  • Discover the meadow at Runnymede where King John sealed the Magna Carta with his rebellious barons, a key step in the development of constitutional government around the world.

  • Come face to face with one of the most significant constitutional documents ever written; Salisbury Cathedral’s Magna Carta and witness evidence of great religious upheavals written into the fabric of this outstanding cathedral that are testimony to the forces that drove the Pilgrim Fathers to seek freedom across the Atlantic.

  • Explore the medieval walls and waterfront of Southampton where the Mayflower and Speedwell met to begin their journey to the New World and spend a moment at their memorial to consider their endeavours and achievements.

Booking Options

Founding Connections - Windsor, Runnymede, Salisbury and Southampton

Founding Connections - Windsor, Runnymede, Salisbury and Southampton




  • The services of a local expert Blue Badge Guide

  • Your chosen food venue booked

  • Entrances can be pre-booked

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