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D-Day Dorset US Connections

D-Day Dorset US Connections

This day tour combines guided walks, and a road trip exploring key embarkation sites on the coast and airfields inland. We search out little known weapons testing and exercise locations. We hear revealing stories of the impact upon the locals of the arrival of the G.I. Joes with their jazz music, nylons and Herschey bars. Our tour includes fascinating guided visits to the Tank Museum at Bovington and the D-Day Centre on Portland where we get close to the vehicles, weapons and stories of the great human endeavours that enabled the greatest combined amphibious operation in history to take place in June 1944.

On this tour you could:
  • Explore the beach defences on a guided walk of Studland Beach where Winston Churchill and George VI observed Operation Smash: the largest live real ammunition exercise of the war staged to test new technologies and tactics in preparation for amphibious landings on the Normandy Beaches.

  • Visit the Tank Museum at Bovington, home of the largest collection of armoured vehicles in the world and get up close to examples of ‘Hobart’s Funnies’ vehicles designed with specialised devices for the challenges of Operation Overlord.

  • Discover a range of locations in Dorset that played key roles in the invasion story including Tarrant Rushton where Horsa gliders were launched for Pegasus Bridge, the embarkation quays at Weymouth, the transport routes used on the 6th June 1944 and the D-day Centre and Mulberry Harbours on the edge of Portland harbour.

  • Take a break to enjoy excellent local food in a pub or restaurant of your choice.

Other options for the day:

  • Tyneham – Dorset’s WW2 time capsule ghost village requisitioned for the  military in WW2.

  • Royal Signals Museum, Blandford -– the D-Day Deception Plan exhibition.

Booking Options

D-Day Dorset US Connections

D-Day Dorset US Connections




  • The services of a local expert Blue Badge Guide

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  • Entrances can be pre-booked

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